Thomas Krajewski

Creative Design & Art Direction

Cancer - AstraZeneca


AstraZeneca is a global, innovation-driven, integrated biopharmaceutical company.


The Brief. The Solution

The Brief

Increased awareness of AstraZeneca's expertise in cancer. Being a natural support for patients, families and physicians before, during and after the acute treatment phase.

The Solution

A design concept with the patient in focus. With a new structure of content that better reflects each area for useful and helpful information. Each head area has it’s own color to simplify and make it clearer for both patients, families and physicians.


Corporate Brand manual, guidelines

Corporate Brand manual, guidelines

Some guidelines to assist you in ensuring the correct Cancer corporate identity.


color palette

Color palette

The corporate color system reflects a rich, dynamic, multi-dimensional Cancer.


Logotype & Typography

Logotype & Typography

Logotype (Our most distinguishing visual characteristic)

Typography is part of the brand.
Century Gothic typeface provides a calm and harmonious impression.


cancer mood Board

Mood Board

The motif should give a feeling of authentic people, visualising integrity and confidence, add closeness using a close up picture, express a warm and open feeling, be alive and in full color as well as showing diversity.


Icons and Infographic

Icons and Infographic

Graphic visual representations of information.


start page

View of Start page

This is the start page for Cancer for consumers.


sub page

View of sub page


sub page

View of sub page


category sub navigation

View of category sub navigation menus

Different colors make it easier to choose the right category.


video page

View of video page

View of video transcript.


  • Role: Creative Art Director, UI Designer
  • Client: Astra Zenica
  • Agency: Intellecta
  • Year: 2008
  • Type: H2H, B2C
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