Thomas Krajewski

Creative Design & Art Direction

re:member card
re:member card wireframe

re:member card

EnterCard stands behind the brand re: member. EnterCard is a collaboration between Swedbank and the British bank Barclays. Barclays bank is Europe's largest credit card companies, with considerable knowledge of the credit card market and various credit services. EnterCard operates in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish markets. The brand re: member are in addition to Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

The Brief. The Solution re:member

The Brief

A new website for re:member card. They needed to modernize the website for new and existing customers - create an exciting buzz around there product, re:member card. Increase more applications through the website.

The Solution

New design with a branding area. The feeling, dare to be dark, modern and edgy. The site is designed with focus on user experience and readability. A structured website with clearer inputs, a right navigation, information and FAQ’s about remember card to reduce the number of support cases.


re:member card Corporate Brand manual, guidelines

Corporate Brand manual, guidelines

Some guidelines to assist you in ensuring the correct Re:member card corporate identity.


re:member card Color palette

Color palette

The color black is an important identity bearing the brand and overall design will be perceived as black (dark).


re:member card Logotype & Typography

Logotype & Typography

Logotype (Our most distinguishing visual characteristic)

Typography is part of the brand.
Akzidenz-Grotesk is a grotesque (early sans-serif) typeface originally released by the Berthold Type Foundry in 1896 under the name Accidenz-Grotesk.


re:member card Mood Board

Mood Board

Dark, edgy, modern, hard, aggressive, elegant, colorful.


Call to Action buttons and Icons

Call to Action buttons and Icons

Graphic visual representations of information.


re:member Start page

View of Start page


View of Main navigation

View of Main navigation

Mega menu providing fast access to information that is located deep within the website.


re:member, ordinary page

Sub page

To create a better user-experience. Navigation moved to the right.


404: Page not Found

View of 404: Page not Found

When URL is missing The 404 page show Credit card numbers in error.


  • Role: Creative Art Director, UX, UI Designer
  • Client: re:member card
  • Agency: Know IT
  • Year: 2011
  • Type: H2H, B2B, B2C
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